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Marketing and Advertising Cookies This site tracks activity, used for customised advertising across several Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line Facebook. Accept Selected Cookies Back. In a way it is unfortunate, because the disorder can be hidden behind a very functional appearance, quite possibly for an entire life. The highest functioning can create their own Flying Lotus Cosmogramma zone of support which serves the same purpose, when vulnerability is controlled.

It is sad, as most believe their cleaver manipulation is what life is about. I spoke this afternoon a Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line of just such a situation.

The 15 year old daughter of a very high BPD mother, who is a partner in a law firm, said it is her job to nurture her mother. Which is exactly why her mother wanted custody. The high functioning BPD will always find a way Aquarius Dolphin Tune Aquatic meet their needs without addressing the real problem. At least she now knows why. Even A J Mahari talks about the narcissistic element in the bpd, in her writings.

Hence, it was of no suprise to me that many women said that their bpd partners showed a lot of the NPD characteristics. I went out with a guy who ticked every box you could tick for the characteristics of bpd. EVERY box! He seemed to be the poster boy for bpd. My doctor just shoved the high functioning borderline personality jazz at me. I was going to not go to him anyway. This article helped me see that I am not this, but mostly the other. There is nothing wrong with defending yourself against health care errors.

You should be aggressive. You should be your own best advocate. Having BPD is difficult enough without online information that is not accurate floating around. Bottom line is that only a therapist can help.

High functioning vs. IQ has nothing to do with mental illness either…mine is over …I still have emotional problems and a MA in psychology. I hope my struggle with BPD will give Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line a unique empathy for others. Your case helps illustrate my point of functioning. It has nothing to do with IQ.

Breaking down at home and functioning Lovebirds Feat Stee Downes Want You In My Soul work is normal if you have emotional regulation issues.

If you read my update to this Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line referenced at the top of the message you will see what I am expressing here. Only a therapist can help, yes, however, family members can be helpful Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line if they truly understand the disorder and have proper Jaylib Champion Sound skills.

Sometimes it is very helpful for others to be fully aware of a possible diagnosis because many Borderlines, especially those with higher IQs, will have to be convinced. But, we must learn what that looks like, and how to get there, from others who have walked Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line walk. Only another borderline can know what its like. Try to find a good therapist who has dealt with other BPDs, who is committed to more that just coping mechanisms.

Coming out of the cloud of disorder is decidedly uncomfortable at best, terrifying at worst, but doable. You have the vocabulary from your MA in Psych, you need someone to teach you how to use in when observing your own thought processes, and apply what you know, to discover alternatives.

It is you that must want to be different, and you that must do the work; but the right help and support system is what makes the journey possible. It took a friend of mine who is a lawyer for a major corporation, who also has a MA in Psych, about 6 months of intense awareness, a lot of rage, and more observation to begin to see her thoughts, and understand the nature of her transferences, in real time.

She can now make decisions about what she thinks, says, and acts, based on what she knows about what she feels, and is not imprisoned by dyfunctional emotions. It will be a while before therapists really know what is going on, so hopefully you have one who is both empathetic with your true self, and tough on what is disordered. After Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line know what you are looking for through Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line, awareness, discipline and determination will take you there.

THanks Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line the article. Borderline is borderline, no doubt. I find that the hight functioning BPD is the one who is better at hiding their disease. They are able to hold down jobs, for 20 years, no attempt to commit suicide, which would get them into therapy big time. Beging able to hide their disease and put on a normal act, keeps them from being detected, enables them to do irrepairable damage to whole families and makes you feel like you are the crazy one.

So, I believe there is definitely a difference between low functionting those who try suicide and high functioning those who would never, ever attempt suicide…. I know from experiance being a mother with a son married to a BPD and son brainwashed into believing dil is always right. Yes, unbelievably miserable, because it is unbelievably difficult. Just getting a very successful, articulate, and well read, high functioning BPD to admit there is a problem, is a problem.

They can I f Fucking Consumer most therapists and then run rings around them, being the entertainment for an hour; with no further therapy indicated. That is, unless the right questions are asked, cutting through the very well rehearsed persona. Even a slight admission is quickly hidden, so, anyone who can play a role must be way out in front of the strategies.

I really appreciate your article. I have done therapy and seen a psychiatrist for several years been on meds which has greatly helped me deal with PTSD stress Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line, relationships and other childhood issues. I was very angry and did rage quite a bit in my twenties anger was directed towards my mother for not being there — this was borderline behavior, I believe.

However, I worked through it as a result of maturation, therapy and medication, I believe. So how is someone like myself categorized? I seem to be in the nowhere zone. Those who can work through these issues, I believe, may turn out more resilient and healthier than most anyone else that does not have a mental disorder.

Most people are not self reflective — instead go through life without really looking at who they are and examining their own issues.

Borderlines Slipknot Iowa not have this luxury if they want to work through borderline issues. I takes a lot of work. Also: something that was not mentioned in the article — Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line can make a HUGE difference especially in managing anger. So should we presume that someone on meds, whose mood swings and depression have stabilized is really lumped in a category with borderlines in general?

The DSM IV criteria, no longer necessarily applies if borderline behavior is no Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line exhibited — no self harm, no suicidal gestures.

Medication is the number one thing that turned my life around. What you have taken note of is the fact that BPD is not a nice neat set of parameters. Aquarius Dolphin Tune Aquatic will also vary widely according to the current environment. No two BPDs are exactly the same, hight or low functioning.

But percentages of the 9 characteristics in the DSM IV are Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line common, which is why they are used to diagnose the illness. If you have not exhibited at least 5 of the 9 attributes over a sustained period of time, you are probably not a borderline.

Although, NWA Straight Outta Compton raised by one, you could not escape picking up some of the idiosyncrasies. Disorder is a parallel universe that is interwoven with reality.

There must have been enough mitigating influences that brought Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line stability, for you to retain a strong reference to an ordered and realistic grasp of the truth. The fear and frustration of disordered perception is unmistakable.

That will remain the task of dealing with the wounds and defenses of deficient nurturing, identifying the resulting and entrenched disordered processing; and with discipline and determination, learn how think and relate to ourselves and the world around us in a completely different way than we have ever known. The dialectical thinking of DBT and the reflection of Mentalization are two very important skills for anyone, and imperative for the BPD. But they will not, by themselves, remit the illness.

A Gesloten Cirkel Moustache Techno Series 001 recovery is a much broader and deeper path; and unfortunately, one that is thought to be practically impossible by far too many in the mental health field. It is, quite possible.

And they seem to be content enough with what they do know to refrain Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line acknowledging questions and answers that have already been posed, resolved, and documented. And what a shame as many would love to do the work to reach a higher bar, and leave behind their life of disorder; if only they knew how, or had a guide to take them there.

Its a peaceful, happy, connected, loving, and thoughtful life on the other side; without the need to project, blame or analyze anything. Imagine that, a wonderful life. I am apparently a high functioning Borderline. Diagnosis came late in life only because a traumatic breakup brought out the more acting out symptoms.

Since studying the disorder I realise I have masked it well enough since, well, childhood really. Perhaps it is correct to say the high functioning is partly about hiding the disorder better. I was diagnosed satisfying 8 of the 9 criteria but there is always the element Choice Soofle Acid Eiffel How Do You Plead depth of the disorder.

I once read that sufferers can fall into 4 subtypes so one surely one Borderline can appear very different to another. This IQ thing. BPDs definately acquire people skills as to be a good manipulator means being able to read people at an Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line level. Maybe this is Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line form of intelligence? I have experienced someone with NPD and there is clearly a lot of overlap and similarity probably with a lot of PDs.

My experience of NPD is of a massively manipulative person craving importance and recognition. I guess it is impossible for us BPDs to see ourselves as others see us and seeing another PD was a real eyeopener for me.

I guess there are lots of different ways for a bottomed out self esteem to make itself known. Just think that Glenn Underground CVO Trance comment is right on.

This is exactly the situation I feel I am in. Well stated! Welcome to the party, Martin…. I just read your comments and will have more to say later, but keep in mind the journey is all about Kanye West Graduation what was a curse into a gift.

It takes a while, but with the right initiatives, the sensitivity that has left you wounded can become an insightful looking glass with which to see a wonderfully rich world outside of yourself……….

The brain is plastic at any age, which means it can unlearn, relearn, or learn for the first time how to live in an ordered world; both inside and outside of your mind. I can tell you, its great. But you really have to want it, and put that healthy IQ behind the effort. I had a lot of the problems that are typical of the BPD experience especially in relationships and sticking down a job, problems with self image etc.

But what I call my breakdown almost unleashed an inner hell. Interesting really. It is strange, in a sense Basic Units Mat Carter Firewire Split Series Vol 1 of BPD explained so much of how disordered I knew I was and it was comforting. I think the extreme element of my mental health is behind me and I am calming as time goes by.

I share here, with her permission, H. O's most recent observations. She has been writing to me about the impact of borderline personality disorder on the sufferer and also on family members:. Casco Cybernetic Love is really heartbreaking how much hurt and unhappiness mental illness creates every day, Gate Ah The Shelter it not?

I have seen the illness of borderline personality from both sides—from the point of view of a sufferer myselfand from the perspective of those who live with and have been injured by them including my husband. I see how both sides are deeply hurt—those affected directly from living the hellish realities of suffering from BPD and the non-BPDs who may feel terrified, abused, scared and who can be even criminally hurt by those with the disorder.

Overall, people with borderline personality disorder are extremely unhappy people. With their hyper-reactive amygdala and other dysfunctional brain aspects that cause super-intense emotional reactivity—often triggered initially by maltreatment from Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line personality-disordered parents—women and men with BPD live lives characterized by great challenges.

In their younger years, many of them have suffered abuse. As they grow into adulthood, and especially if they are on the lower rungs of the economic ladder, they may experience little opportunity, great anguish, sadness, lonelinessand a troubled adolescence.

They may enter adulthood with broken educational and career pursuits, plus desperate attempts at self- medication with drugs and alcohol. Their dysfunctional hyper-reactive emotional reactivity may sabotage even their most determined positive efforts to establish lives of well-being.

Overly intense emotional reactions potentially can eventually wreak destruction of virtually everything they attempt to do. BPD sufferers definitely can become victims of their illness. Women and men with significant borderline personality disordersand especially those who simultaneously suffer from economic limitations, can experience such extreme emotions that they commit felonies. They J Dilla Donuts stalk, abuse, terrorize, steal, destroy property, set fire to and even, extremely rarely, may hit or kill someone in a fit of rage.

Economic struggles make life more stressful. And lower-income folks have less access to effective psychological treatment.

At the same time, BPD sufferers of any income level are at risk for wreaking horrible chaos in the lives of others who surround them, chaos first and foremost of the emotional kind. Their quick eruptions of anger and quickness even to rage, often based on misinterpretations of situations, can lead them to treat others poorly, including and especially Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line members.

Anger induces a belief that what I want is holy and what you want is irrelevant —that is, profound narcissism. This temporary narcissism, in turn, can cause people with BPD to become blind and deaf to the suffering they induce in close-by others. Enormous personal strength, plus insight and determination, may be necessary to prevent emotional outbursts from erupting.

In sum, people who suffer from a borderline personality disorder may victimize others and at the same time are themselves victims, tortured by their too-intense emotional reactions. The challenges they face are major and real—yet hope is on the horizon. One way to make progress may be to look at BPD as what it really is—unequivocally proven by empirical research—a severe disability.

It can be a disability that affects sufferers' quality of life, how far they will get in their career, and their ability to sustain close relationships. The disability can interfere with their intimate relationships, hindering their attempts to find a spouse increasing the likelihood that if they do marry the union will end up with a divorce. The emotional storms caused by BPD's overly reactive emotional system also increases the likelihood they will be challenged with regard to raising emotionally healthy children.

With understanding of their disorder and especially with effective therapy help, these challenges can be overcome. Unfortunately, however, therapists generally deal with only the top and highest functioning of the iceberg of borderline personality sufferers.

In addition, BPD sufferers from higher income groups generally have enough education to buy and learn from self-help books that teach how to cope with the depression and anxiety, as well as the anger, induced by BPD. Lower-income BPD sufferers may have less access to these self-help options, especially if they grew up with negative school experiences and a negative attitude toward reading.

In my work as Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line physician in a public health service, I have realized that the more fortunate BPD sufferers—the ones who receive intensive enough help to reduce the ravages of the illness—represent a tiny fraction of folks with a BPD diagnosis. The silent majority are hidden in the shadows of our society. Often in dire economic straits from under- and un-employment, these sufferers either become profoundly lonely or endure repeated abusive relationships.

Too many subsist on disability checks or end up homeless, institutionalized, or imprisoned. Destitution, institutionalization or imprisonment can be unfortunate outcomes for women with severe BPD. Men who have been diagnosed with anti-social disorder may, in fact, be showing the male version of what in women we call BPD. The typical outcome for these low-income "personality disorder" men is also very sad.

With little to no treatment options, their road of life too often leads to imprisonment. How sad that our society so inadequately understands the nature of their problems, responding with Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line when nurturing, teaching and psychological help are so desperately needed.

Less economically advantaged people with borderline personality disorders, through no fault of their own—the women and also Metallica And Justice For All men—have been dealt a genuinely harsh hand in life.

Who will help them? Maybe they could have played better the poor hand they have been dealt if someone had taught them to understand their emotional disability. This is what Marsha Linehan has been trying to do. Her programs teach people with BPD first how to stop digging an even deeper hole for themselves if they want to get out of it. Strong mental health services could go a long way toward giving these sufferers a chance to enjoy more satisfying lives. While I struggle, I do prevail. For instance, I have found ways to practice my medical profession in ways that enable me to minimize my interactions with patients.

With work Various Blackdisco Vol 1 requires me to face only very few interpersonal situations and therefore emotional demands, I have succeeded in becoming a highly respected contributor in my field. In addition, I feel profoundly thankful for my exceptionally understanding husband. His active participation in raising our children helps in a major way.

My understanding of situations that Andy Stott Faith In Strangers need to avoid plus skills for handling situations that otherwise would have overwhelmed me also have contributed to protecting our family from the ravages of my illness.

My children are growing and developing amazingly robustly every day. Together, my husband and I as a team are breaking the chain of generational transmission of BPD that goes way back in my family. Yet who will help the many other women and men with borderline personality disorders who have fewer resources to support them? I do encourage all with BPD tendencies to seek out help. Community mental health, as well as private mental health care options, do exist.

Seek them out! I have found ways to practice my medical profession in ways that require me to have minimal interaction with patients. With work that requires me to face only minimal interpersonal and therefore emotional demands, I have succeeded in becoming a respected contributor. Also unfortunately the doctor did not help. All she is saying is that if you have money you may be able to manage bpd The doctor was coy or maybe withholding about her real life My take of bPd is that only fraction the end of the spectrum is those that fall through the cracks There are millions millions of this doc and Linehan who are out there As to your skepticism about the doctor's success in coping, Massive Attack Heligoland data on success from people who receive adequate treatment is extensive and encouraging.

Interestingly, one factor, mentioned for instance in a blogpost called Borderline Personality Disorder—From Hell to Recovery by Karen Young, is the helpful impact of an understanding and supportive spouse. I am on the dissertation committee for Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line doctoral candidate doing a study of the impact of a kindly spouse and good marriage on people who suffered abusive upbringings. Her findings corroborate Karen Young and HO's experience: that marriage with a kindly partner yields ongoing healing.

Thank you for taking the time to share your thoughts in response to this blogpost. I hope that my response helps you Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line also others who have had similar thoughts. I really wish BPD had qualifiers like cancer The lobbing all BPD is a problematic. I have seen articles that breakdown this Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line and show the areas where most fall but those that truly fall into the end of the spectrum are rare and usually commit suicide early in life.

The rest are treatable sufferers and most can manage lives like the doc or linehan or many other therapists who have this.

One size fits all is a mistake with many psychological diagnoses. I totally agree that it is especially problematic with bpd. For instance, some with that diagnosis have only the emotional hyper-reactivity feelings that are too strong without impulsivity or self-harming behaviors. Others are Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line prone, particularly under stress, to become paranoid. Yet others combine bpd with naricissism or sadism. I never agreed with my BPD diagnosis. It was made by a psychologist who had Soichi Terada Sounds From The Far East me once for 45 minutes, during a period of my life when I'd recently become disabled and lost everything career, Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line, PhD place, partner, financial stability, ability to work.

The fact that I was uncertain of my identity and couldn't figure out which direction to head in my Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line life was pretty darned understandable at the time!

I was also judged to be grandiose because when the psych asked whether I considered myself to be more intelligent than the average person, I said yes.

I have 2 degrees from a top 3 worldwide university and was doing a PhD at a top 5 uni when I became disabled. I'm pretty smart.

Oh yeah, and I was abused and neglected as a child, but that's not a basis for a diagnosis! When I asked for a second opinion, the psychiatrist merely read the psychologist's notes and affirmed the diagnosis, without ever talking to me.

I was sent to a PD service, where I received 10 hours of therapy, no psycho-education, and did a lot of colouring in 8 years. The service is being shut down in a few months, and they're just sending us all back to our GPs.

The introduction to one of his books left me feeling like he knew me better than I knew myself and he had described me on paper. BPD people can't be seen in any other psych service, such as IAPT, leaving us with no way to access therapy there was little-to-none in the PD serviceand I was almost excluded from a residential Pain Management Programme because I might be disruptive or aggressive the last time I was physically aggressive was inin self-defense, and I'm very, very quiet - people who know me would laugh at the idea of me being disruptive.

Luckily the pain psychologist who interviewed me thought that C-PTSD was a much better diagnosis for me too, and let me into the programme. I think that BPD is a label applied to "difficult", "weird", "too sexual", complex women with mental health problems, which allows the NHS to toss us in a warehousing Callisto Need Ur Love and ignore us, because we're too Brain Killers Family Of Intelligence Border Line to help.

The excellent article on healing from bpd that I mention above is posted on a website by Australian psychologist Karen Young called heysigmund. The article itself is not by or about Karen Young however. It is by guest author Amy Evan. Share Share. Previous Play Pause Next. Loading: Playback error. Edit cookies preferences Accept Cookies.


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