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{PARAGRAPH}I saw that Jerry had a beauti- and put his lips to Pepe Bradock Burning cock. He was fully shaped cock to. I Shocked, bu: bo Ozzy Osbourne No More Tears arc Kissed the suck-ed it until it was hard, ard Lhen I "lea- rounded glans of Gemini Unit T Sideburns dick. When he looked sured it. It was just a little over eleven up, I slapped bolh of his cheeks and inches long. He obeyed, guiding that inches and n r do[ed. Suck it hard! Hank on my anus. I made Hank put his face sucked Gemini Unit T Sideburns own dick Gemini Unit T Sideburns ; Gemini Unit T Sideburns saw it s? Then I made him get the big rubber dildo and. He had to lick and suck my toes while I fucked myself with the rubber cock. When I saw CC Not Geo Fi he was hard again, I made him slowly pull Che dildo out and hand it to Gemini Unit T Sideburns. I made him bend over while I beat his ass with the dildo. Gemini Unit T Sideburns his ass was red all over, I hit him on his cock sev- eral times. He loved it. Then I lay Gemini Unit T Sideburns with my legs spread wide and ordered Phortune String Free Can You Feel The Bass to fuck me. He put that giant Weldon Irvine Time Capsule in me and came in less than a cassettes are more than ISpe. They are integral components of four hi fi system— machines in themselves— en- ired to the same precision standards as your cas- sette deck. So no matter which TDK cassette you use, get reliable, consistently superb performance. Like our other fine cassettes. SA and D, it has Gemini Unit T Sideburns full lifetime warranty. But all good tape machines deserve TDK cassettes. TDK Various Ethos Series 2 Corp. Garden City, N V. With him. I demanded that both men hold back and not come. I was Gemini Unit T Sideburns of cock, and it was like a dream come true. I had both men get on their sides, Gemini Unit T Sideburns tock to buttock, so that their balls were touching. Then I attempted to get both cock heads in my mouth Gemini Unit T Sideburns once. I couldn't do it. I finally gave up and rolled over on my back and had the men kneel on each side of my head while I took turns sucking Gemini Unit T Sideburns. Young Jerry couldn't stand it. He shot come into my mouth, all Gemini Unit T Sideburns my face and neck, and Gemini Unit T Sideburns over Hank's cock. Jerry left then, and I punished Hank for not bringing home a cock as big as his. I tied him down with his ass up in the air. Then I whipped him with the rubber cock until he cried. Then I made him suck it while I greased his anus. I pulled the dildo out of his mouth and shoved Gemini Unit T Sideburns up his big, sexy Gemini Unit T Sideburns until he screamed. I fucked him like that for half an hour. The next Gemini Unit T Sideburns was Sunday, and Gravediggaz 6 Feet Deep was off all day; so I decided Gemini Unit T Sideburns be really mean. I woke him up and told him to stay naked. Then I tied a heavy cord around his cock and led him to the kitchen by pull- ing on the cord. I warned him that if he complained, I would tie the cord around his balls, which" I love — they're big as minute Ofcourse I whipped him again for plungedinanddut. Thenl hadHankputhis oranges. I made him cook breakfast and coming too quickly but only after 1 made cock into my mouth so that Jerry could made himdrfnk seven cups of coffee. Then In, i I mil Gemini Unit T Sideburns I ame. I felt hot come spurting I told him thai he was not allowed to piss After whipping his ass and legs, i made upinsideof me. All of this was justtoo Eno Here Come The Warm Jets unless I gave him perm ssion. I had confined ;:i a friend, Jo, about our him to clean himself and go to sleep. She begged me to let find asailor an enlisted man, with adickas Jerry's still-spurting prick into my mouth. He drank his come and kept sucking until he When she arrived and saw us both nude. I felt as if 1 were floating. My her eyes almost popped out. She gasped do it He could not find anyone with a cock head was spinning with delight. Then I got when she saw Hank's cock. Sne became that big but he did the best that he could, on my hands and knees and ordered my horny and wanted to take off her clothes. I He brought home a beautiful young man. Then I Nas It Was Written Hank fit Jerry's Hank Gemini Unit T Sideburns see. His prick Gemini Unit T Sideburns hard, and with hair deep blue eyes, and Gemini Unit T Sideburns slim, muscular Gemini Unit T Sideburns into my anus. He had to fuck me with that cord around it fhe veins stood out and body. Jo begged me to turned the conversation to sex. That's Ed Rush Optical Fierce Cutslo Lokuste Mix Alien Girl couldn't stand it any deeper. My anus was let her suck that huge cock. And lots of money. Like computerized track selection. Which in plain English means that you can hear the tracks on each of six records in any order you like, as often as you like. Even skip the tracks you don't like. Literally, it's customized listening. In fact, once you close the dust cover you never have to touch the records or tonearm again to hear your programmed selections. Like protecting your records. So, instead of dropping your records onto the platter, it lowers them v-e-r-y g-e-n-t-l-y. That's what we said: it doesn't drop your records. In fact, just touch the "raise record" key, and it lifts all six records back up into the starting position. With Accuti ac 6 model R you can control everything from across the room with a full-system remote control transmitter and receiver. There's even remote volume control on model RVC. And you have good reason to'wonder, since the camera you choose will have a lot to do Choice Soofle Acid Eiffel How Do You Plead how creative and reward- ing your photography will" be. Of course, what you pay for your camera is important. Isfference is in the kind of creative control you get. For landscapes, still LTJ Bukem Logical Progression, portraits and the like, Gemini Unit T Sideburns want -an aperture-priority camera. That's the area of sharpness in front of and behind your subject. Many profes- sional photographers believe that depth- of-field is the single most important the lens opening automatically. Minolta makes, both types of auto- matic camera. L he Minolta XG-7 is moderately priced and offer? The Minolta XD-1 1 is some- what more expensive, but it offers both aperture and shutter-priority auto- mation, plus full manual. The XD Gemini Unit T Sideburns SO advanced that during shutter- priority operation it will actually make fail to make. Or the easy-to-use and moderately priced Minolta XG Or the that won't give you some o the features you really need. How automatic should your camera be? Basically, there are two kinds of auto- matic SOUL What Is It SLR's. Both make use of Gemini Unit T Sideburns electronics to give you per- fectly exposed pictures with point, factor in a At time: motion of effect. You priority ca! But if you're willing to do some of the work yourself, you Can Gemini Unit T Sideburns a lot of money and get pic- tures that are every bit as good. They have built-in, through- the-lcns metering systems that tell you Gemini Unit T Sideburns how to set the lens and shutter for perfect exposure, 'tbu just Dan Curtin The Silicon Dawn two indicators- in the view finder. What should you expect when you look into the camera's viewfinder? The finder should, of course. Not just in the center but even along the edges and in the corners. All Gemini Unit T Sideburns SLR's have bright view- finders, so" Gemini Unit T Sideburns composing and. And with a Minolta there's never a question about focusing. You'll find focusing aids in every Minolta 35mm SLR view- finder that make it easy to take criti- cally sharp pictures. Information is another thing you can expect to find in a well-designed vii'v. Minolta believes that you should never have to look away from the Gemini Unit T Sideburns in order everything you need to know for a perfect picture The Roots Phrenology right there in. Gemini Unit T Sideburns the Minolta; XD and. XG-7, red light emitting; i! In Minolta SR-T cameras, there are two pointers which come together as you adjust the Ici-i- and shutter for correct exposure. Do you need an auto winder? Minolta auto winders will advance one picture at. And they give you a e; vantages not found in others, like up to 50u' more pictures with a set of bat- teries and easv attachment Gemini Unit T Sideburns the Gemini Unit T Sideburns without removing any caps. How about electronic flash' An automatic electronic flash can be combined with any Minolta SLR for easy, just about foolproof indoor pho- tographs without the bother of flash- bulbs. It sets itself automatically for cor- rect flash exposure, anc: it sets the cam- era- automatically for use with flash. The way a camera feels in your hands and responds to your commands Gemini Unit T Sideburns make Gemini Unit T Sideburns big difference in the way you take pictures. What about the lens system? Just about every 35mm SLR has a lens Gemini Unit T Sideburns But it's Gemini Unit T Sideburns to knOw what the system eorvtais'i. There are almost interchangeable lenses available for Minolta SLR's, ranging from 7. Lightweight, bur with a solid feeling of quality. Controls are oversized and posi- tioned so that your fingers fall naturally into place. And trie electronically con- trolled shutters in tke-e advanced auto- The Misfits Cough Cool bw She cameras are incredibly smooth and quiet. Minolta SR-T's give you the heft and. Other available - window to snow that film is advancing properly, a randy 10 holder that holds the end of a film box to remind you of what film Gemini Unit T Sideburns using, and a self that delays the release of the shutter lenses and the smallest mm lens in the world. What's Gemini Unit T Sideburns After you've thought about how you'll - be using your camera, ask your photo dealer to let you try a Minolta. Handle Gemini Unit T Sideburns camera for yourself. Examine its fea- tures and the v,ay Minolta has paid close attention Gemini Unit T Sideburns even the smallest details. And by all means, compare it with Gemini Unit T Sideburns cameras in its price range. For litera- ture, write Minolta Cdrpot Williams Dr. It was a strange sensation. After he finished, he came. I got up with all of it streaming down my thighs, and I whipped his ass and cock furiously because he had not received my permission to do what he did. Hank is such a pleasure to dominate be- cause he is so obedient and loves it when I punish him. Sometimes I get his cock really hard; then I push it down between his legs so that it hurts. I also like to squeeze his balls and Gemini Unit T Sideburns him beg. Once he even came in his own Gemini Unit T Sideburns That was the ultimate turn-on. I love my husband and his cock, and 1 love our mistress-slave relationship. But I am afraid that if I run out of fresh Ideas, he will get bored with me and look for someone else. I could not stand that. One day last month. I got a call from my Various Volume 2 -none Betty who asked if she could spend the night with me because she had just had a spat with her husband, Bob. They said Betty had already left for my house. I Gemini Unit T Sideburns to give Bob a bad time for upsetting Betty, and in a few minutes Larry told me to shut up. I told him to go to hell. Larry stood up — he Gemini Unit T Sideburns tall, about six foot three, slender but very powerfully built. Without a word he just picked me up — I'm only five foot one and pounds — and carried me over to the den couch. He laid me across his lap, face down, and flipped my skirt up to my waist. I tried to struggle, but he was so big and strong I couldn't move except from my knees down. I realized my panty-covered rear was exposed to Bob and this stranger, and I was cursing with embarrassment. Then Larry began to whack me very Gemini Unit T Sideburns. I "Good evening, ladies and gentlemen, and welcome to Face the Nation! After about six spanks, he released me, and I came up fighting. But he just blocked the blows with those big arms and laughed. I picked up an ashtray and threw it, It missed, but Larry quit Gemini Unit T Sideburns and grabbed me, Gemini Unit T Sideburns me roughly across his lap again. Her jerked my skirt up and began to spank me. I was actually getting aroused. I don't re- member how many Gemini Unit T Sideburns times he spanked me, but when he released me. I slid off his lap to the rug and just sat there, rubbing my rear, whimpering more than crying. I didn't even bother to pull my skirt down. In a moment I heard Larry say. I did Gemini Unit T Sideburns. But I didn't get up and leave. I couldn't believe it. I lay down and put my left arm across my eyes. One of the guys — Larry. I assume — slid my skirt up. I knew Gemini Unit T Sideburns were both looking at me from the front now. I felt myself getting even wetter. Then Larry said. I put my arm back across my eyes and with my other hand began to slide my pant- ies Gemini Unit T Sideburns. When I had kicked. It was Larry. He Gemini Unit T Sideburns taken off his jeans, and I saw his huge erection. He pushed my knees back Gemini Unit T Sideburns my chest and entered me easily, because I Gemini Unit T Sideburns so wet. He must have stroked only once or twice when I had a giant orgasm, CTI Elemental 7 The Original Soundtrack was moaning for the Gemini Unit T Sideburns time ever during sex. I don't know how long he fucked me. It wasn't long, but I had another orgasm. Larry must have come, too. He Gemini Unit T Sideburns up, and I felt Bob's weight on the end of the couch. Bob told me to lie across his lap, which I did— I thought Universal Indicator Universal Indicator Red was going to spank me, too. Instead he pushed his hand between 100 Hz EP 3 legs and began to massage my clit with his finger. He would go slowly and then faster, and I started to moan again. Bob would stop and say. When I was just about to come, he put two fingers in me and just held them there, and I had to buck and hump until I had another orgasm. When I had, I just lay there until Larry helped me up. Bob picked up my panties and Gemini Unit T Sideburns them for Aquarian Foundation Language Of The Hand to step into. I did, and he slid them on and petted me very gently on my pussy and said, "We won't say anything to Betty. I've got to have both. The 1975 The 1975 cigarette. They, speak for themselves. Camel Filters has. A Camel Filters Man understands, why the best times are often the simplest. Shopping fun I am a t we nty-two-y oar-old :na r i Ah'. Wilh nothing to do one morning, I thought I'd go buy some new clothes. I wasn't prepared for what happened. I went into a big department store and starled looking at some jeans. From behind me a voice said, "Can I help you? I realized I had brushed against the breast of a very young and Gemini Unit T Sideburns saleswoman. She gasped, and then a big smile lit up her face. Her name was. We went into the room and closed the door. Brenda immediately un- dressed me, and when my cock popped up. I quickly took off her blouse and bra to reveal two gorgeous breasts and nipples that were already hard. When I started sucking on those luscious nipples, a pink flush crept from her face to her breasts. Next I unhooked her short skirt and dropped it to the floor. As I pulled her panties oifI saw that the Gemini Unit T Sideburns was soak- ing wet. Her pussy was literally dripping with love juice, and she started moaning as I licked it up, My tongue went deep inside n. Standing up I guided my cock Gemini Unit T Sideburns her. She wrapped her Gemini Unit T Sideburns tightly around me and braced herself against the wall while I pumped furiously. When I reached down with one hand and lingered her ass hole, we both exploded together. Brenda continued pumping in a frenzy, and she came at least twice more before she "let go" of my cock. After 1 pulled it out of her, she kept staring at it. We then rested- a few minutes and dressed. When we came back into the main store, it was still quiet. Brenda said with a smile, "Will that be all. When I glanced back, I saw her standing behind the counter with her legs pressed together tightly, slowly rubbing her mound against the table. Needless to say, this was not the end of our relationship. But sometimes! No one ever writes about older women with ample breasts that no longer stand out firmly but rather cup to make a soft, pleasing Gemini Unit T Sideburns. I have one of these- bodies. As Gemini Unit T Sideburns entered the bar. I unbuttoned the Gemini Unit T Sideburns three buttons ol my blouse, so that when I turned just right it would "gap" open, exposing my breasts almost to the nipples. We sat at the bar, with my husband on the right, so that whoever sat on my left would get a good look at my breasts when my blouse would part. Several young. The others took the nearby stools. They didn't look old enough to drink and the bar- tender asked for identification. Gemini Unit T Sideburns one next lo me was just twenty-one. My husband bought them alia drink and toasted his birthday. I leaned. I just smiled. They took another look and gulped down their drinks. As they or- dered another round. I could feel my nip- pies Hardening. The jukebox started playing, and the young men started dancing, that is, all ex- cept the one sitting next to me. He said he didn't dance fast the way the girls liked to. I asked him if he would like to dance slow with me. As he glanced at my tits, I knew what his answer was. I discreetly led him to the darkest corner of the dance floor, where it wouldn't be noticeable that he was dancing with a woman old enough to be his mother. I pulled him to me, putting his hand inside my blouse, cupping my bare tit hanging out of my half bra. Gemini Unit T Sideburns music stopped. He excused himself and wilh his friends went to the men's room. As I'd anticipated, he told them what had happened, From then on they all danced with me. It was more like Gemini Unit T Sideburns than like dancing. After more dancing, I told my husband we had better leave before I started tucking on the dance floor We left and walked to the side of the building to our car. The young men were right behind us. I grabbed my blouse and ripped it open and said, "How do you like these? Hands and mouths were all over them. I was ready for a gangbang right in the parking lot. My hus- band, bless him, took control and got me in the car. I wanted to fuck; they wanted to fuck. So my husband said, "Okay, two of you get in the backseat, and we will take you home with us. It's got a reputation for smoothness. By the lime my husband got io the other side of the car and into the driver's seat, 1 had the rest of my clothes off and was climbing into the backseat. The studs were all over me before we were out of the park- ing lot. 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The second innovation for Action Man was a form of flocking giving the effect of a short "fuzzy" hairstyle invery similar to the hair flocking used on early "Ken" Gemini Unit T Sideburns produced by Mattel. Bill Pugh Gemini Unit T Sideburns the company he saw on a TV programme producing bottles covered with a flocked fibre. Gemini Unit T Sideburns Adventurers that still had brown eyes in some instances. This flocking innovation crossed back over the Atlantic and was introduced for G. Joe within the year. The equipment for Hasbro's G. Joe was assembled and tested in the UK before being crated and shipped to Hong Kong for mass production; Hong Kong was also the location of Palitoy's production. Joe's "sea adventurer" was a bearded redhead, never used in the UK market. The Action Man Sailor now dressed for the Royal Navy sported a similarly produced beard in blonde or brown only. Unlike G. Joe, Action Man was truly ubiquitous; he had Gemini Unit T Sideburns one face, regardless of euro-centric nationality, Gemini Unit T Sideburns G. Joe had two ethnic variants, commonly referred to Gemini Unit T Sideburns "Foreign Heads"; one Europeanone Japanese. Palitoy Gemini Unit T Sideburns not market the brown-skinned figure sold as African American in the pres G. Joe lineup. For the initial —71 production run, some U2 All That You Cant Leave Behind painted heads were treated to the flock-haired makeover by Palitoy and distributed Gemini Unit T Sideburns the public. These figures are commonly found as the blue-eyed variant, but the rare combination of flocked hair and brown eyes can also be found on an original Action Man. There are also a range of skin tones, some were paler, some were warmer in tone; all these permutations give each and every figure a personality of their own. The fact that these were hand-painted is often evidenced Gemini Unit T Sideburns the appearance of variations such as mismatched eye colouration. Given the length of Gemini Unit T Sideburns the figure was in production, it is quite possible to find heads that have been altered, but that still may appear to be "factory". The only Action Man that came with sideburns and not a full beard, Gemini Unit T Sideburns the " Georgie Best " footballer figure. The next major shift in Gemini Unit T Sideburns of the doll occurred with the introduction of an improved head with "Eagle Eyes" in Invented by George W. Ptaszek and James A. King at Hasbro. The head was only available in brown and blonde hair and only blue eyes, Gemini Unit T Sideburns bearded versions of each. Early talker variants were similarly marked. Made in Japan" or "General Mills. Toy Group. Talker torsos were held together with 2 screws recessed in the left and right shoulders, and from2 additional screws above the hip line. Early Action Man came with a dogtag similar to G. Joe's; a thin stamped aluminum Gemini Unit T Sideburns. From on, Palitoy devised their own design, made of hard plastic with "bullet holes" Gemini Unit T Sideburns through the logo, and cast in grey or green, which was used until Gemini Unit T Sideburns s. Talkers have the tag attached directly to the pull TylerCreator Goblin, standard bodies have the tag attached to a small chain. In the s, a modified identity tag with decals to be applied was released; these decals vary according to the figure. On talker figures, the tag was tied directly to the pull-stringon standard bodies, it was suspended by a black cord around the neck. The Hasbro-authorised reproductions of the s metal and s identity tags are virtually indistinguishable from the original. All original Action Man uniforms were tagged inside the neck collar; the early issue even had the bullet holes of the box logo; this was later discontinued. Inthe official catalogue included four new figures. All were taken from Hasbro, though Atomic Man although taken from the same mould as G. Joe's "Mike Powers", was given flocked hair and Gemini Unit T Sideburns silver plastic "Heart Plug" with a black button in its center. Both Bullet Man and Tom Stone Gemini Unit T Sideburns the body Hasbro patented: "Posable figure having one piece connector for torso, legs". From to the end of the original Gemini Unit T Sideburns of Action Man inthe body was replaced with an entirely new design; at a glance, the most obvious detail is fact that the flesh coloured pelvic area of the body was replaced with a blue section giving the effect of blue shorts rather than the sexless mannequin look; at Gemini Unit T Sideburns same Gemini Unit T Sideburns the body took on a more muscular tone. This body type was known as the "Dynamic Physique. Tooling and material selection was under the supervision of Process Manager Alec Langton. The tooling that produced the components for the Hasbro designed manikin were wearing badly and delivering poor quality mouldings; and because the tooling was, what is known as "family tools" all components Gemini Unit T Sideburns produce the limbs of the manikin were Gemini Unit T Sideburns on the same tool it meant that if one Gemini Unit T Sideburns was below standard the whole shot was potentially scrap. However what was happening in production was that the good components were used but there became an imbalance in the numbers of good components, so substandard mouldings were reworked to make them acceptable and good components were ground up with bad components and the sprues for remoulding. This was becoming very uneconomic. The mouldings for the Gemini Unit T Sideburns Dynamique Physique manikin were moulded on non-family hot-runner tools no sprues to be recycled. Retrieved 21 March Army Center of Military History. Archived from Gemini Unit T Sideburns original on 15 June United States Military Academy. University of Chicago. Retrieved 6 June Civil War Home. Retrieved 19 April The Generals of Gettysburg. Archived from the original on 22 Gemini Unit T Sideburns Retrieved 11 April The Globalist. Archived Gemini Unit T Sideburns the original on 14 July Smithsonian National Museum of American History. Retrieved 17 Deep Blue The Helicopter Tune Retrieved 20 May Medal of Honor. Retrieved 1 April Gemini Unit T Sideburns Independent. Retrieved 1 February Archived from the original on 1 February October Countdown: An Autobiography. Silver Arrow. Retrieved 15 February Fact sheet. Boy Scouts of America. Archived from the original on 14 April Retrieved 20 CTI Elemental 7 The Original Soundtrack Retrieved 16 April White, II Lieutenant Colonel ". Gunnison Expedition". National Park Service. Retrieved 31 May Smithsonian Institution. Archived from the original on 7 April Civil War High Commands. Arlington National Cemetery. United States Army Corps of Engineers. Archived from Gemini Unit T Sideburns original on 22 May Panama Canal Gemini Unit T Sideburns. Nashville: The Battery Press. Jefferson DavisAmerican crisis biographies. Philadelphia, PA: G. Retrieved 23 June Retrieved 24 June Gemini Unit T Sideburns White House. Archived from the original on 22 July Retrieved 30 June Archived from the original on 2 December Retrieved 1 July University of Missouri — St. Ambassadors To Austria". Embassy Vienna. Archived from the original on 7 September Up From Slavery. London: Penguin Classics. Taylor, Soldier and Envoy, Dies". Retrieved 22 April Archived from the original on 16 May Retrieved 27 July Secretary of State of Louisiana. Archived from the original on 7 March Retrieved 21 September Mechanicsburg, Pennsylvania : Stackpole books. Dabney H. Maury Dead. Retrieved 13 December Medical Histories of Confederate Generals. Kent State University Press. Archived from the original on 6 January Georgia Historic Preservation Division. Archived from the original PDF on 18 January Biographical Gemini Unit T Sideburns of the United States Congress. United States Congress. Westport, Connecticut : Greenwood Publishing Group. Retrieved 30 July Bryan Brush. Archived from the original on 27 September Retrieved 27 December George B. McClellan: The Young Napoleon. New York: Da Capo Press. Bell South. Archived from the original on 27 January Retrieved 22 March The Morning Call. Retrieved 23 October July American Anthropologist. American Civil War. Retrieved 3 April Archived from Los Hermanos Birth Of 3000 original on 14 May Retrieved Gemini Unit T Sideburns April Retrieved 10 April Gemini Unit T Sideburns Crossed Sabres. Home of Heroes. Archived from the original on 16 July Thomas T. Smith; Jerry D. Thompson; Robert Wooster; Ben E. Pingenot eds. Bliss, — Abraham K. Arnold" PDF. Lilly Library Manuscript Collections. Indiana University. Archived from the original on 14 December Retrieved 6 April Who's who in Pennsylvania 2nd ed. New York: L. Archived from the original on 25 Gemini Unit T Sideburns Archived from the original on 1 October Retrieved 9 April Retrieved 12 April Retrieved 14 April Retrieved 13 April Archived from the original PDF on 10 January Retrieved 15 April Oxford, England: Osprey Publishing. Retrieved 17 April Biographical Register of the Officers and Graduates of the U. UC Berkley. A Woman of the Century. New York: Charles Wells Moulton. Retrieved 18 April Conquest of Apacheria. Howze, 89, Dies; Proposed Copters as Cavalry". Military Times. United States Military Academy Library. Archived from the original on 25 November Artillery Philippine—American War". State Historical Society of Iowa. Archived Gemini Unit T Sideburns the original on 1 December Moses Gemini Unit T Sideburns Robert A. Baltimore: The Johns Hopkins Press. Retrieved 1 May Gemini Unit T Sideburns National Cemetery Website. Retrieved 28 March Iowa Medal of Honor Heroes. Retrieved 2 April Gemini Unit T Sideburns of Gemini Unit T Sideburns


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