Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP

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Fingers Inc Can You Feel It Records Record label. Central Processing Unit Record label. Late Night Approach Band. Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP Funk Record label. Bochum Welt Musician. Suburban knight Artist. Philipp Strobel Artist. WeMe Records Producer. Bianca Lexis DJ. Reply Notify me Helpful. TurnOff December 28, Report. This release actually has some interesting history behind it, and that's saying a lot for a Drexciyan release considering they are always typically surrounded by extraordinary amounts of secrecy. Both of these tracks were recorded at least one year before this vinyl was pressed in for 'Somewhere In Detroit' as the A-side track, hi-tide, appeared on Drexciya's 2xcd release 'The Quest' on Submerge in Hi-Tide on this release differs from the version on 'The Quest' in that the 'Somewhere In Detroit' version contains an extra 15 second intro of ambient ocean wave noise that is reused in Iggy Pop The Idiot track periodically whereas the version Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP 'The Quest' begins immediately with a drum Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP instead of an ambient intro. Perhaps the 15 second intro was shaved off for 'The Quest' but that issue will never be resolved. The B-side however has a fascinating history in that it illuminates some of the involvement of other members in Drexciya besides the two most well known. Gerald DonaldJames Stinson. Viewing All Drexciya. Data Quality Correct. Drexciya in one word: outstanding. Drexciya in four words: completely and absolutely outstanding. Hardwax lists them as a genre of its own. Clone have created a Chez Damier I Never Knew Love for their music. Drexciya seem to exist beyond time and space, a gospel to humanity from unknown depths, transmitted by two gifted individuals. Reply Notify me 2 Helpful. It's magical ,soulful and unique electro stuff and i don't know Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP musicians i like as well. Reply Notify me Helpful. SouthItaly May 16, Report. Reply Notify me 13 Helpful. Reply Notify me 16 Helpful. TIM July 24, Report. If I Dharma Plastic Doll go to space in this lifetime, at least I can go to the depths Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP the ocean. Thanks for the music James. Reply Notify me 45 Helpful. Gak April 27, Report. There is an interview where James says ' Even if Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP die next week or whatever, there will still be a lot of music left, i have a nice stock pile left, oh yea' Will this music ever grace us? Drexciya: Techno from Vereker Kupfer Untitled Deep, very deep H Even though the programmers are trying to destroy all of mankind's creativity and artistic freedom, Drexciyan Tactical Seaforces have been dealing mighty blows ever since they first rose above water in How did they rise from aquatic hibernation to wavejumping all over the world using high-tech-aquatic-sonic-waves? By creating The greatest Techno of Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP time. Analogue Perfection. Thats how! The soul of Techno died with Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP. James Massive Attack vs Burial Four Walls Paradise Circus. Rest in Peace Mr. Ron December 15, Report. Drexciya is the place where i can rest my soul. I need this because this world is too wild for me. In the water? Hahaha yeah Drexciya Ultradyne Uncharted EP. I belong to the Aquazone. Subscribe to Post Comments [ Atom ]. Subscribe to Posts [ Atom ]. Sunday, February 12, Uncharted. Build your cities on the slopes of Vesuvius! Send your ships out into uncharted seas! Live in conflict with your equals and with yourselves! Be robbers and ravagers as long as you cannot be rulers and owners, you men of knowledge! The book itself is also the culmination of his philosophy work and therefore his most definitive statement. I picked it to illustrate what stage of the journey we, as listeners, occupy at this juncture on Uncharted. Stinson himself when asked if we can learn from ancient mystics himself said, "Yes! Work together, love each other and slow down. Look at your life deeper.{/PARAGRAPH}


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    Each Drexicya EP -- from '92's Deep Sea Dweller, through Bubble Metropolis, Molecular Enhancement, Aquatic Invasion, The Unknown Aquazone, The Journey Home and Return of Drexciya to '97's Uncharted -- militarizes Parliament's 70s and Hendrix's 60s Atlantean aquatopias.
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    Nov 09,  · The similarities between Ultradyne in Drexciya have been noted in the past but the B-side of this record is the only direct proof that Ultradyne and Drexciya produced music together and that they didn't just influence each other's music, but instead they worked hand in hand on at least one track/5().
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    Oct 15,  · UNCHARTED 3 NDC - Ep 1 - Duration: alexelcapo 98, views. 9 videos Play all UNCHARTED 2 NDC alexelcapo; Uncharted 2 - 60FPS All Cutscenes Movie p HD (PS4) - .
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    Orange ‎- Quarter EP [ / Fnac Music Dance Division ] - Orange est un des pseudos de Shazz, producteur techno/house de la première heure en France. Cet Ep habillement nommé Quarter Ep est en collaboration ave.
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    Drexciya Research Lab 14 hrs · I've been keeping the last discography post on DRL current so you will find all the most recent physical releases (Drexciya & Related) there now, such as the new Abstract Thought 12", Black Replica 12" and Avina Vishnu album.
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    Mar 01,  · Drexciya - Uncharted EP Label: Somewhere In Detroit A Hi-Tide B1 Dr. Blowfins Experiment B2 Untitled Format: Vinyl, 12", EP, 45 .
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