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Protest and Survive. I Won't Subscribe. Drunk with Power. A Hell on Earth. Cries of Help. The Possibility of Life's Destruction. Q: And Children? A: And Children. The Blood Runs Red. Free Speech for the Dumb. The End. Never Again.

Death Dealers. Two Monstrous Nuclear Stockpiles. Dooms' Day. In Defence of Our Future. Anger Burning. Lyrics often tend to repeat phrases, words embedded into memes that serve to create a more stark image of the themes that are dealt with. Devoid of do-gooder agitprop, these sonic sculptures conjure visions of cities burning in monochrome. Archetypical works are most often a hobby for experts and self-appointed historians, especially when Jovonn The Goldhouse EP generation that it came out of has aged a good 30 years.

Generally they are known because of an influence carrying act that has sprung up more recently, and sometimes the prototype is very difficult to recognize because of all the changes from one following type to the next. Making the connection between present day death metal and grindcore and Marsellus Pittman Theo Parrish Essential Selections Vol 1 of Discharge can come off as tenuous to anyone not well versed CC Not Geo Fi how extreme metal, as whole, developed; though the connection with some black metal acts is a bit easier to recognize.

Early offerings by Hellhammer and Bathory make the most sense in this regard as a similarly raw yet still highly intelligible commonality reaches out from the minimalist riffs and high tempo beats that seem to drone into the background rather than hold things together. Be all of this as Swans To Be Kind may, this is definitely a full out hardcore album, albeit much more nimble and dangerous than what Black Flag was pushing at the time.

Lead guitar lines are fast and fleeting, yet seem to be drawing a similar influence from Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Iommi and Fast Eddie Clarke as it races through pentatonic shred lines with an eye for chaotic effect that was very likely an influence on what Slayer would bring to the table, followed by their emulators in Deicide and Cannibal Corpse. And with the consistent musical character comes a varied yet harmonized set of irreverent jabs at human society, rolled out in its most disturbing form possible.

But for all of the widespread influence this album has and the wittiness with which it mocks Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing sick world, at the end of the day its greatest charm is that it simply kicks ass for the full 27 odd minutes.

This is unfettered hardcore rage with a side order of metallic sensibilities distilled Gigi Masin Talk To The Sea its most concentrated form, and points the way for a vast number of possibilities from beyond its own little accepted box.

Merry ol' England. A white person's heaven. More like a little country where the sun never shines, it always Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, dreary, and raining.

Terrible dental care. Fried food that is comprised of nothing but fat, sugar, and lard. Emaciated youth that are told to be vegetarians because they don't know the first fucking thing about proper care for their live stock so they are told to enjoy stringed beans, to accept and listen to some of the whiniest fucking music to ever grace the almighty's finest creation.

Thinking about that you would be a bit angry right? That's where Discharge comes into play. Discharge are amongst the U. And not only for the evolution of just Punk music for for Metal in general.

Before Discharge And then somewhere in the late 70's, things started to change. Ozzy left, The Sex Pistols were nothing more than a marketing ploy, The Damned were having fun, and Lemmy was an amphetamine-abusing monster. Where's my guitar?!? As pointed above, Discharge weren't just angry for being angry, they were fed-up with the way everything was Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing on not only in their country, but their proverbial worldly backyards with the U.

And Discharge couldn't have come at a more perfect time. Discharge not only solidified their placement in the Punk scene, but they created their own sound which so many bands ripped-off and were influenced by. Discharge gave birth to a sound called the "D-Beat" which is a hard-driving drum beat originally taken in from Motorhead mix some Buzzcocks in there and add a giant wall of noise and poof! You have the D-Beat.

On "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing", that drum beat that is just charging through every song with not letting up a second has influenced just about every band you might enjoy While not completely ignoring the Planetary Assault Systems Planetary Funk Vol 1 and vocals which Discharge uses as more ammo in their little crusade against all that sucks, it's a sound of panic-driving impending doom.

What Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Flag was to U. Hardcore-Punk music, Discharge is to the U. Listening to "Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing", there is a point where you forget you're listening to individual songs and it just becomes a personal live concert happening right in your own living room.

Which is too fucking cool. Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing of these songs for the most part are the best representation of youthful energy, anger when it's dealt with properly Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing productively, and a legacy that to this day has not been duplicated yet recognized by acts such as Metallica, Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, Napalm Death, Sepultura, At the Gates, Machine Head, etc.

Just about any band within the thrash, grindcore, and extreme Metal circles, if you look through their record collections 9 times out of 10 you will find Discharge.

In my opinion, this was the first truly extreme album ever made. And it's hardcore punk, not metal though there is metal influencetoo. What was the most extreme metal that was really up and at it in Venom? This, Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing, went above and beyond the extremity of anything previously released, kicked off a whole new sub-genre of Hardcore D-BeatAND revolutionized the entire extreme rock n' roll underground.

By combining the drumming style of Motorhead, some heavy-metal influenced riffing, with the current Hardcore and Anarcho- Punk, then taking it all up another notch, these guys managed to create more extreme music than any punk or metal band ever had beforehand. But enough about it's cultural importance for now, musically, simply put, this album slays. It manages to make minute, fast-paced songs somehow hypnotic, which is a pretty rare thing.

Lyrically, the album deals with the atrocities of war, doomsday themes, mistrust of the government, etc-basically laying the groundwork for the entire Crust Punk scene which essentially evolved from D-Beat, even though Crust pioneers Amebix already had an EP out by the end of ' Basically they made it darker.

On my CD copy of this, after the original album ends fittingly with the excellent song "The End" there are Discharge Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing number of singles Discharge put out around that time.

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    Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Discharge. Type: Full-length Release date: May Catalog ID: CLAY LP3 Version desc.: Gatefold Label: Clay Records Format: Discharge- Hear Nothing See 96%: stenchofishtar: March 23rd, Read: A core hard enough to 95%: hells_unicorn: May 18th, Read: What happens when the.
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    Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing Lyrics: Lied to, threatened, cheated and deceived / Hear nothing see nothing say nothing / Led up garden paths and into blind alleys / Hear nothing see nothing.
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    Discharge’s “Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing” is by far one of the best Hardcore Punk records of all time. It is easy to hear that many band such as Darkthrone, and Carpathian Forest draw influences from records such as this.
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    Watch the video for Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing from Discharge's Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing for free, and see the artwork, lyrics and similar artists. The band's debut album, HEAR NOTHING SEE read more. 1) Punk / D-beat from Stoke On Trent, UK. 2) Hardcore / punk from Middlesbrough, UK.
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    Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing is the debut studio album by English hardcore punk band Discharge, released on May 21, by Clay Records. While some critics at the time dismissed this album as "unmusical", in retrospect, it is viewed both a classic of the era and the peak of Discharge's .
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    Jul 28,  · Discharge - Hear Nothing See Nothing Say Nothing LP () download. Objavio/la theroyaldriveaffair.ruinfo u 7/28/ PM. Email This BlogThis! Share to Twitter Share to Facebook Share to Pinterest. labels DISCHARGE. No comments: Post a Comment. Newer Post Older Post Home. Subscribe to: Post Comments (Atom) my youtube channel Hear Nothing See.
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    In , Discharge released its innovative debut album Hear Nothing, See Nothing, Say Nothing onto the unsuspecting public, and while it may have sounded like a frantic, garbled mess at the time, the content on this release has absolutely stood the test of time and the album has proven to be one of the most influential and important releases in all of heavy music/5.

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