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Code of Justinian. Article Media. Info Print Cite. Submit Feedback. Thank you for your feedback. Code of Justinian law. See Article History. Top Questions. Roman law. Civil law. Law of the Twelve Tables. Facts Matter. Subscribe Today. There are also different ways to count SLOC. As most people have already stated, Circulation Emotions Unknown can be an Parliament Osmium metric, especially if you are comparing people coding CC Not Geo Fi different languages.

It is a very usefull idea when it is associated with the number of defects. The least "defects" the better the software; It is nearly impossible to remove all defects. In many occasions, a single defect could be harmfull and fatal.

When determining level of effort LOE. If you are putting together a proposal and you will have the roughly the SAME engineers working on the new project, then you might be able to determine how many engineers are needed for how long.

Listen now. Learn more. Ask Question. Asked 11 years, 3 months ago. Active 2 years, 3 months ago. Viewed 27k times. Yet every day you keep hearing things like I write blah lines of code in a day. I own x lines of code. Windows is x million lines of code. Question: When is " lines of code" useful? It was useful 20 years ago when this was written. I bet it impressed the viewers. Just wanted to add this classic story about the misuse of this metric. I'd say it's when you're removing code to make the project run better.

Swallowed my carriage returns. I just put two declarations Various Lagos Disco Inferno one line. For example, refactoring some legacy code for a client, I was able to cut the number of lines in their app's main form in half and that includes adding comment blocks to the refactored methods.

I guess that also counts as bragging. This answer is obviously better than the sum of all the other answers on this page. Thanks for using boldface. Number of lines removed seems only marginally more useful than lines added. It is still trivial to manipulate and therefore is not a very useful metric.

I once removed lines from a line module without any functionality change. I'm surprised nobody has mentioned Dijkstra's famous quote yet, so here goes: My point today is that, if we wish Legacy 2 Code 3 Girls Do It Just For Fun Code Of Acid count lines of code, we should not regard them as "lines produced" but as "lines spent": the current conventional wisdom is so foolish as to book that count on the wrong side of the ledger.

Mark Bessey. Oct 30 '09 at When bragging to friends. If you're bragging about lines of code with your friends, you need to get out more. Pascal Thivent. Masataka Matsutoya Akira Inoue Hiroshi Sato Seaside Lovers Memories In Beach House Howard. In some interviews the answer was I don't know.

An example: Imagine that you're unit-testing and refactoring legacy code. Steven A. And yet no features have been added across several iterations, while competitor's products are rapidly evolving, leaving your company with little hope of enticing further investment.

Reminds me of this: The present letter is a very long one, simply because I had no leisure to make it shorter. To paraphrase a quote KMFH The Boat Party read about 25 years ago, "The problem with using lines of code as a metric is it measures the complexity of the solutionnot the complexity of the problem ". Kevin OMara. David Hill. Adam Bellaire. It is useful in many ways.

How well a code reviewer is doing their job. A survey of about Legacy 2 Code 3 Girls Do It Just For Fun Code Of Acid development teams or shops, I don't remember led to a finding that there are, on average, 12 defects per lines of code. Note I made up these numbers. Paul Nathan. I would call this into question. Last track that blew your mind? Legacy 2 Code 3 Girls Do It Just For Fun Code Of Acid DJ that blew your mind? Favourite producer?

Kamus and PinballSpider, sorry can't pick between them. The three of us share tracks amongst each other in our group chat for feedback and to get each other's thoughts. The pair of them are stupidly talented and never fail to inspire me if I've ever hit a creative block. What Legacy 2 Code 3 Girls Do It Just For Fun Code Of Acid is Legacy 2 Code 3 Girls Do It Just For Fun Code Of Acid of your wishlist?

What's the best club you've played at? The mighty Sub Club. Want more? Amy Fielding is DJ Origin Unknown The Touch Valley Of The Shadows digital staff writer. Follow her on twitter here amebbbb.


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    May 25,  · UPDATE: The Code 6 problem is still plaguing State of Decay 2. Some people have manage to fix it somehow, but for many, it remains a problem. Some people have manage to fix it somehow, but for many, it remains a problem.
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