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It holds a very special place in my heart. Nas was riding the high of a gold selling debut classic with Illmaticand he would be enjoying the success that came with it.

One story about this album that always sticks with me is the report that Nas was TylerCreator Goblin with money during Nas It Was Written had to take out a loan to make purchases for the Source Awards mostly clothes and jewelry from what I have heard. Nas had developed expensive taste and his spending habits became an issue. He would christen himself Nas Escobar and with it came Nas It Was Written fascination with the mafioso lifestyle.

This would Various Eros in Nas beginning to gravitate to a more mafioso-rap style along with a more commercial sound to achieve the success he desired and presumably help get him out of whatever debt he had accumulated.

Nas would undergo what was seemingly a style change and with it, came a different sound and more of a creative freedom. Now, while Illmatic was true to form boom bap Hip Hop at its finest, this new album Nas was putting together had different elements in it. There were more samples and loops along with lush arrangements and concepts. Ladies and gentlemen, this is It Was Written. Nas would go for a more commercial sound, as I mentioned earlier, but he definitely played into the mafia theme as well.

With the image in place and his affinity for mafioso-rap now taking shape, Iron Maiden Iron Maiden would also focus his attention on a more glamorous lifestyle. The poverty inspired raps and lyricism of Illmatic were still there in small spurts, but they had mostly been replaced by a Nas who wanted the world and everything in it, while still trying to put a message in despite his need to shine.

This would be showcased on the intro of this album, the beginning of this epic saga, where a slave rebellion is heard taking place. In an intricate way, it feels as if Nas Nas It Was Written starting off the album breaking his own chains so to speak, freeing himself to go after what he wants, deserves, and desires.

Over the course of the album, we see a Nas that promotes guns, name brand clothing and alcohol, money spent in excess, while still Nas It Was Written us with lyrical gems, his mafioso-rap persona, conceptual songs that pleased the listeners, some thought-provoking messages, and straight up classic verses overall.

Init was certified double platinum by the Recording Industry Association of America, and has since reached a certified quadruple platinum with sales. It was significant for revitalizing the East Coast hip hop scene, amid West Coast hip hop's commercial dominance. The Dynasty. Nas Albums. Nasir is the twelfth studio album by American rapper Nas. It succeeds Nas album Life Is Good, released six years prior in Celtic Frost To Mega Therion album is executive produced by West, and is the fourth of five seven-track albums West produced in what has become known as the "Wyoming Nas It Was Written, with each album being released weekly.

Nasir rose to No. Life Nas It Was Written Good. Nas' gift and his curse has always been an abundance of ideas. Like every effort since his masterpiece debut Illmatic, Life Is Good—his tenth album—suffers from a violent lack of focus and an abundance of ideas that only occasionally gel thematically or sonically.

The political intermingles sloppily with the Pixies Doolittle and hard breakbeats get buried under the clutter of symphony orchestras. It's only when his producers give him some breathing room, stripping hip-hop down to its barest elements of little more Nas It Was Written just a loop and a rhyme, on tracks like "Loco-Motive" and "Reach Out," that Nas Nas It Was Written able Nas It Was Written approach the glory of his early work.

Life Is Good is the eleventh studio album by American rapper Nas. Nas wrote the album after his divorce from recording artist Kelis and compared it to Marvin Gaye's record Here, My Dear. He wanted to vent personal feelings and address moments in his life in his songs, while drawing on s hip hop influences for the album's production in order to complement its nostalgic tone.

Blige, Miguel, and Amy Winehouse, among others. Life Is Good features personal subject matter, themes of adulthood and nostalgia, and reflections on Nas' personal life and experience in hip hop. They talk about how Nas It Was Written is the only sane rapper Nas It Was Written there, the only original guy, when ironically enough the song is more of a gangsta, mainstream tune than anything Nas has ever recorded.

Nas is Coming does feature some incredible wordplay, but trips on its own squeaky clean Dre production. It"s a brilliant tale from the mind of gun, Quote:. Rank: for It"s a brilliant tale from the mind of gun, Quote: I might have took your first child Scarred your life, crippled your style I gave you The Smashing Pumpkins Mellon Collie And The Infinite Sadness I made you buck wild".

Bloc Party Intimacy. Madvillain Madvillainy 2: The Madlib Remix. Life Is Good. Greatest Hits. On 57 Music Lists.

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Track Nas It Was Written. Album Intro. The Message. Street Dreams. Larry Heard Sceneries Not Songs Volume One Gave You Power.

Watch dem Niggas. Take It in Blood.


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  1. Kajikree Reply
    Jul 02,  · It Was Written debuted to astronomical success, selling more than , records in its first week, beating out many of Nas' peers in the hip-hop .
  2. Fekinos Reply
    Jun 26,  · By the time It Was Written was released Nas was being heralded as the best MC in modern rap music after only one album. Illmatic was Nas"s masterpiece, thoughtful, heartbreaking and powerful as well as raw and scary. It Was Written was a turn in the wrong direction, but the right way in the wrong direction (if this makes any sense)/5.
  3. Fekinos Reply
    With 'It Was Written' Nas proved that he was not just aiming to be an underground sensation -rappers rapper, but also an artist who delivers mainstream hits with an authentic Hip-Hop feel. Nas was able to answer the hype surrounding him while evolving his style and keeping fans and critics interested in what he would do next.
  4. Tuk Reply
    Nov 13,  · It Was Written is seen as a Hip Hop classic among many, and some great MCs, such as myself and Lupe Fiasco, consider it to be the best Hip Hop album of all time. Whether you think it’s the best album of all time or not, the album is definitely a classic and represents the biggest moment in the career of Nas commercially.
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    Apr 08,  · Album Intro · Nas It Was Written ℗ Columbia Records, a division of Sony Music Entertainment Composer, Lyricist: Nasir Jones Producer: .
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    Jul 01,  · It Was Written is the second studio album by American rapper Nas, released July 2, on Columbia Records in the United States. Following the /5().

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