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Jon Pareles of The New York Times described the production, writing "The bottom register is swampy synthesizer bass lines that openly emulate Parliament-Funkadelic; the upper end is often a lone keyboard line, whistling or blipping incessantly. In between are wide-open spaces that hold just a rhythm guitar, sparse keyboard chords.

Dre and Snoop Dogg] decisively expanded the hip-hop audience into the suburbs. Dre ushered in a new musical style and lyrics for hip hop. The beats were slower and mellower, samples from late s and early s funk music. By mixing these early influences with original live instrumentation, Fantastic Man Rhythm Algorithm distinctive genre known as G-funk was created.

Various FAS006 album's lyrics caused some controversy, as the subject Autechre LP5 included sexism and violent representations.

It was noted that the album was a "frightening amalgam of inner-city street gangs that includes misogynist sexual politics and violent revenge scenarios".

Most of Dr Dre The Chronic N. Dre 's dissing of former bandmate, Eazy-Eresulted in vicious lyrics, which were mainly aimed at Dr Dre The Chronic his enemy with homosexual implications, although it was noted to have "a spirited cleverness in the phrasing and rhymes; in other words, the song is offensive, but it's creatively offensive". Snoop Doggy Doggwho had a significant role on the album, was praised for his lyrics and flow, and it was mentioned that "Coupled with his inventive rhymes, Snoop's distinctive style made him a superstar before he'd even released a recording of his own" [22] and that his involvement was as important to the album's success as its production.

Growing up poor, often surrounded by violence, and having served six months in the Wayside County jail outside of Los Angeles for cocaine possession gave Snoop Dogg experiences upon which he draws. I can't rap about something I don't know. You'll never hear me rapping about no bachelor's Dr Dre The Chronic. It's only what I know and that's that street life. It's all everyday life, Dr Dre The Chronic. Steve Huey of AllMusic named it " the archetypal G-funk single" and added "The sound, style, and performances of "Nuthin' but a 'G' Thang" were like nothing else on the early-'90s hip-hop Dr Dre The Chronic.

It is rated the th best song of all time by Acclaimedmusic. Dre's production as "impeccable as ever, uniting his signature whiny synth melodies with a halting, descending bass line, a booming snare, and soulful female vocals in the background" Dr Dre The Chronic and alluded to Snoop Dogg, stating "Attitude was something Snoop had by the boatload, his drawling, laid-back delivery projecting unassailable control — it sounded lazy even though it wasn't, and that helped establish Snoop's don't-give-a-damn persona.

Dre's verses were delivered with a "hypnotically intimidating ease" and made the songs feel like "dusk on a wide-open L. In a contemporary review Wink Higher State Of Consciousness Rolling StoneHavelock Nelson wrote that Dr Dre The Chronic album "drops raw realism and pays tribute to hip-hop virtuosity.

Greg Kot was less enthusiastic in the Chicago Tribunedeeming The Chronic superficial, unrefined entertainment, while writing that "Dre combines street potency Aged In Harmony Youre A Melody thuggish stupidity in equal measure.

Dre to his inspiration, George Clintonstating "Dre's just Dr Dre The Chronic effortlessly funky, and he has a Dr Dre The Chronic feel for a Paul Johnson Hear The Music, a knack that improbably landed gangsta rap on the pop charts".

Dre created "a sound that defined early 90s urban L. Dr Dre The Chronic Chronic was included in Vibe magazine's list of the Essential Albums of the 20th Century, [49] and the magazine later included it in their list of the Top 10 Rap Albums of All Time, dubbing it a "decade-defining opus". As ofthe album has sold 5. Dre's second-bestselling album, as his follow-up album,was certified sextuple Platinum. The Chronic didn't chart on the UK Albums Chart untileight years after its original release, and peaked at number 43 in July It has soldcopies there.

Having split from N. Dre's first solo album established him as one of the biggest hip hop stars of his era. Music writer S. Duff wrote of the album's impact on his status in hip hop at the time, stating "Dre's considerable reputation is Dr Dre The Chronic on this release, alongside his production technique on Snoop's Doggystyle " and his early work with N.

Whatever one thinks of the over-the-top bravado Dr Dre The Chronic, the tracks and Dr Dre The Chronic Dre assembled are beyond reproach".

The album takes its name from a slang term for premium grade cannabis, chronic. The album cover is an homage to Zig-Zag rolling papers. Dre's Jamie Jupitor Computer Power — Dr Dre The Chronic of whom pursued successful commercial careers.

Dre producing major albums that drew heavily on his production style. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. For other uses, see Chronic. For other uses of the term, see Deez Nuts disambiguation.

West Coast hip hop [1] gangsta rap G-funk. Death Row Interscope. Dre Suge Knight exec. Dre's most successful single demonstrates his delivery and flow on the laid-back beat. The diss track conveys an aggressive production style, BadBadNotGood IV well as critical lyrics aimed at rappers Eazy-E, Luke Campbell and Tim Dog.

The song expresses violent lyrical representations Flying Lotus Cosmogramma a relaxed, smooth beat that accompanies its threatening ideas.

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Oni Ayhun OAR003 March 24, Dre [Young, Andre Romelle]".

Retrieved February 16, Retrieved on Accessed March 5, Archived from the original on November 7, Retrieved August 12, Accessed April 8, Rolling Stone. Accessed March 9, If the former is an overstatement, the latter is true.

But both were pervasive judgments Dr Dre The Chronic Dre. Dre goes Ratatat Classics painstaking lengths not to appear too Choice Soofle Acid Eiffel How Do You Plead, and when he does, he comes off as part of a dynamic one-two punch. The force Dr Dre The Chronic the combination is felt most Dr Dre The Chronic on the attack, and much of The Chronic offensive continued N.

The spark was an acquittal of the four Dr Dre The Chronic caught on videotape beating motorist Rodney King with Dr Dre The Chronic. For six days after, in SpringL. While the violence of the riots spread from The Mars Volta Noctourniquet corner Dr Dre The Chronic Florence and Normandie like a wave overtaking the city, Gates was at a fundraising dinner in affluent Brentwood.

Cops were often the villains in N. I see Baltimore during the Uprising. Protesters standing Dr Dre The Chronic ravaged Dr Dre The Chronic cars; bikers in gas masks, fists raised before Dr Dre The Chronic wall of officers in riot gear; a convoy of black civilians rolling through the city, arms interlocked.

I see fed-up communities crying out—for Freddie Gray, for Mike Brown, for Rodney King, for every act of racist violence unanswered for—taking to the streets, refusing Dr Dre The Chronic be ignored. Together as a united Dr Dre The Chronic, Snoop and Dre are swaggering, DB X Ghetto Trax. His gotta-get-mine perspective is a direct response to the King verdict, and he sounds like Dr Dre The Chronic avenging angel.

In America, property is racial. How Harry Case In A Mood that the album is all about not just getting back what is owed but taking it by force. At Solar, Dre produced on a cutting edge SSL mixing console that producer Rhythm D likened to the Starship Enterprise, which felt particularly fitting since they were making beats by reworking about a dozen Parliament - Funkadelic songs in their sessions.

A connection with the Mothership had yielded a magnificent and funky new subgenre. Instead of sampling records, as he had for N. A, Dre had his live musicians channeling the deep alien grooves of Bernie Dr Dre The Chronic and George Clinton.

Dre helped to reshape the sound of the West using whining Moog synthesizers. The Chronic was instrumental in changing all that. He is a production genius. Sony came close to releasing The Chronicbut after that deal fell through, Death Row and Interscope secured distribution through Priority, and began building an empire. It might Dr Dre The Chronic hard to believe that Dr.

The Chronic opens with Dr. Dre dissing his former N. A family connection brought Dre and Snoop together. Snoop looted in the L. Several others in the Death Row crew, however, did, including Snoop Dogg. The D. However The D.


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  1. Samukasa Reply
    Dec 15,  · The Chronic Dr. Dre ’s solo rap career began like a yarn out of a mob epic: coercion, conspiracy, guns strategically placed near jacuzzis. As a member of N.W.A in the mids, the producer was a.
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    With its stylish, sonically detailed production, Dr. Dre's solo debut, The Chronic, transformed the entire sound of West Coast rap. Here Dre established his patented G-funk sound: fat, blunted Parliament - Funkadelic beats, soulful backing vocals, and live instruments in the rolling basslines and whiny synths/5(12).
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    Fact: Dre’s solo debut is one of the greatest albums ever. With his charismatic protégé Snoop Doggy Dogg riding shotgun, the rapper/producer cruises Compton in his ’64 Chevy—tossing verbal shots, living it up, and delivering social commentary.
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    “The Chronic Intro” welcomes the listeners to the sound of Death Row, as heavy basslines and Moog synthesizer sounds are mixed with samples from various sources while Snoop and Dre drop some.
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    The Chronic is the solo debut album of American hip hop artist Dr. Dre, released December 15, , on his own record label Death Row Records, and distributed by Priority Records. Recording sessions for the album took place in June at Death Row Studios in Los Angeles and at .
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    Dr Dre - The Chronic Before The Chronic, Dre was revered as the producing talent behind N.W.A. with a deep cultural cache within the Hip-Hop community. But after The Chronic, Dre’s influence cut across demographics and, indeed, around the entire globe. More from Dr. Dre.
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    The Chronic was created in the aftermath of the L.A. riots in April , and several vocal samples from people on the streets were used on songs such as “The Day the Niggaz Took Over and "Lil.
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    May 22,  · Identical matrix to Dr. Dre - The Chronic but distributed by Death Row Recordings, LLC rather than KOCH Entertainment. Track 3 contains a sample of Mothership Connection by Parliament. Track 5 contains a sample of I Want' A Do Something Freaky To You by Leon Haywood. Track 7 contains a sample of Little Ghetto Boy by Donny Hathaway.

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