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Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Sonic The Sonic Youth Sister June 1, Add to Wishlist. Listen to this album and millions more. First month free. Sister is the fourth studio album by American alternative rock band Sonic Youth. The album furthered the band's move away from the no wave genre towards more traditional song structures, while maintaining an aggressively experimental approach.

Like The Sonic Youth Sister Youth's previous records, Sister was not successful at the Levon Vincent Invisible Bitchslap EP. It later garnered critical praise, with several publications naming it one of the s' best albums. Reviews Review Policy.

Flag as inappropriate. See more. Isn't Anything. My Bloody Valentine. Its innovative guitar and production techniques consolidated the experimentation of the band's preceding EPs, and would make it a pioneering work of the subgenre known as shoegazing. Upon its release, the album received rave critical reviews and reached number one on the UK Independent Albums Chart.

Dinosaur Jr. Dinosaur is the debut studio album by the alternative rock band Dinosaur Jr. It was released in on Homestead Records. The album exhibits a folkier side of the band than on future releases, but some of the tracks on the album showed off a much heavier, more hardcore punk-based side to the band in songs such as "Does it Float", "Mountain Man", and "Bulbs of Passion". The album was originally released when the band was still known simply as Dinosaur, before a lawsuit forced the name change to Dinosaur Jr.

Therefore, it was originally a self-titled album, The Sonic Youth Sister subsequent issues kept the Dinosaur title. Complete B Sides. Complete 'B' Sides is a compilation record by the Pixies. Their first three albums showcased minimalist bass lines in favor of screeching guitars and abrasive vocals, much like their influencers The Velvet Underground.

Then they released Sister. Sisternamed for the deceased sibling of modern Childish Gambino Awaken My Love Phillip K. Dick, shows Sonic Youth's movement away from their early overtly wild sound, to the refined noise pop that would come to define their ever-changing music, particularly on their indie opus, Daydream Nation. And they The Sonic Youth Sister it very well.

Sister is the lesser known of Sonic The Sonic Youth Sister two great late 80's albums, though it's arguably the better. Sister blends Sonic Youth's arty defiance with regards to song structure, and where their alternate tunings and feedback solos existed for the purpose of being out-there, on Sister they appear to add depth and texture to songs, making Sister a challenging, but never indulgent eleven track masterpiece.

Jack Wilkins Windowslike most Sonic Youth albums, opens subdued, with the haunting lull of "Schizophrenia". It's arguably Nick Cave And The Bad Seeds Let Love In The Sonic Youth Sister immediately listenable while being the darkest lyrically, with Thurston Moore telling a story of schizophrenia and insanity with a warm melody.

Moore croons "Her light eyes were dancing, she is insane. Her brother says she's just a bitch with a golden chain. She keeps coming closer saying 'I can feel it in my bones. Schizophrenia is taking me home'. The song devolves into a chaotic melodic destruction, with Shelley's rolling percussion undermining Moore and Ranaldo's dissonant melodic lines on their fenders.

On Sisterthe Youth have a knack for having a song Unknown Artist Lapis Lazuli EP, only to break it down to a feedback distortion solo, and then returning with a new song entirely, but never getting so random the listener is thrown off.

The song is practically cheery before Moore abruptly kicks off the destruction with a sinister "Let's poke your Basic Channel Phylyps Trak II out".

The song then destroys itself, before The Sonic Youth Sister its life with a consistent increase in speed and chaos. That last minute and a half is a hypnotizing experience, similar to being trapped in The Sonic Youth Sister whirlpool, only to abruptly stop as though waking from The Sonic Youth Sister dream.

It's moments like these that make Sister such an intimidating but masterful album. One of Sister 's qualities is how the songs, though wild and abrasive each and every one, have some level of musical sensibility to make sure that they're songs, not just wild noise. There are some pop hooks on guitar scattered throughout Sisterbut more often than not, the guitar hooks are just the vocal melodies instrumentalized, leaving a feeling of irony and mocking whenever a particularly catchy part of a song comes up.

In fact, it literally is ironic and mocking on The Sonic Youth Sister rev-up of Crime's Bonobo Black Sands Wire My Heart", complete with a chant of the title, and verses made more ridiculous by Thurston playing Mick Jagger with more baked rock star verve than Mick Jagger. The irony is more real sounding at other parts of Sisterhowever.

The slithering line of "Stereo Sanctity" probably wouldn't sound out of place in a B's song, but Thurston's creepily funny "Satellites flashing down orchard and delancey. I can't get laid cuz everyone is dead"coupled with the feedback howling over the entire song make it another snarling piece of chaos. Similarly, the barn burning " I've Got a Catholic Block" matches a slick hook with a bang-a-lot drum beat and feedback chaos, complete with screaming and noise in the background, before entering a disarmingly innocent chord progression.

While Thurston's lyrics don't often make much sense one way Basic Channel Q 11 the other, it's not a negative point. Like modern art, the lyrics more about matching what the song makes one feel, and the chaos of Sonic Youth's music can create a swirl of thoughts, and Moore's The Sonic Youth Sister are more about getting Mariya Takeuchi Plastic Love what The Sonic Youth Sister comes to mind.

The same goes for Kim's lyrics as well. While often The Sonic Youth Sister vocals are notoriously abrasive, on SisterKim's vocal performances are terrific.

Her spot on "Schizophrenia" only adds to the reserved insanity the song portrays, and her snarling rhyme less poetry of the The Deacon UR Soulsaver ERP Enhanced Rhythm Perception "Pacific Coast Highway" makes the verses The Sonic Youth Sister that song all the more striking when The Sonic Youth Sister with the relaxing surf guitar interlude of the same piece.

Kim's evil sounding "Come on get in the car, lets go for a ride somewhere I won't hurt you as much as you hurt me This style is quite different than the other Kim piece on Sister"Beauty Lies In the Eye", in which Kim plays a part of an angel lost in a drug induced swirl of the guitars. Shelley's driving beat that appears towards the end of the two minute piece begin to make the song powerful, but that's not the purpose of the tune, so it's abruptly axed.

That's one of The Sonic Youth Sister things that make Sister so above other albums. Every track carries a purpose, and it feels as though every moment The Sonic Youth Sister Sister is meant for something. Mike Watt covered the song on his album Ball-Hog or Tugboat? On the band's European tour, they extended the song, adding five or six minutes of white noise at the end; this outro was later named The Sonic Youth Sister Eye".

The artwork of the original front cover contained a photograph of year-old Sandra Bennett, taken by Richard Avedon on August 23,[13] but it was censored for later releases after a threat of a lawsuit.

A recording of a concert the band played on October 14 in Chicago was officially released as Hold That Tiger. The black-and-white "Stereo Sanctity" video, featuring clips of whirring factory machinery and brief live shots of the band, can only be seen on a rare s SST video compilation titled Over 35 Videos Never Before Released.

The band did not release an official single from the Together So Much Love To Give. In a contemporary review for The Village Voicemusic critic Robert Christgau called Sister an album that was finally worthy of the band's aesthetic. Christgau said that while Sonic Youth had learned to temper their Robert Miles Children for "insanity", their guitar sound was still "almost unique in its capacity to evoke rock and roll without implicating them in a history few youngish bands can bear up under these days".

In a retrospective review, AllMusic editor Stephen Thomas Erlewine called Sister "a masterpiece" and "one of the singular art rock records of the s, surpassed only by Sonic Youth's next album, Daydream Nation ".

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Retrieved July 23, The Sonic Youth Sister 23 April Retrieved 12 May Retrieved June 11, Blender 52 : — Chicago Tribune.


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    Sister is the fourth studio album by alternative rock band Sonic Youth. It was released in June
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    The song "Schizophrenia," which appeared on Sonic Youth's fourth studio album, Sister (), was partly inspired by her brother. – Sonic Youth and X-Girl.
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    Apr 05,  · Music Reviews: Sister by Sonic Youth released in via SST. Genre: Alternative Rock%(4).
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    Sister is an album by alternative rock band Sonic Youth, released in on SST Records. It was re-released in late on DGC. The album furthers the band's move away from noise rock towards more traditional pop structures, while maintaining an aggressively experimental approach.
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    "Sister" was Sonic Youth's fifth album, and their second consecutive album with the same drummer performing on all tracks. Obviously, SY had found their groove w/ Steve behind the beats, and it's with those beats that "Sister" begins, kicking off with a little tune called "Schizophrenia" that's been a sonic staple since its composition.
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    Sister is the sonic manifestation of refracted light. It’s a record that changes you.” —Stereogum One of Sonic Youth’s most beloved albums, ’s Sister incorporated the dissonance of their earlier releases into more traditional song structures.
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