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The mysterious house producer returns to action, this time on Lobster Theremin off-shoot Mork, with a second helping of Moodcut Tame Cats dance music that floats between ambient and deep Celtic Frost To Mega Therion. Tame Cats EP 12" 1 per customer.

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Morphology - Identity Component Versalife Remix. Hello World - Khotin. Newer Posts Older Posts Home. Subscribe Moodcut Tame Cats Posts Atom. About Me An electronic dance music connaisseur. Emmanouel aka Mano Di Candia is a music lover like most people. Not a professional DJ nor a producer but regularly spinning when not creating music, he started DJing in Hersonissos at the age of Soon enough after exploring all kinds of music from classical to hard rock, to funk and soul at a very young age, the one style that eventually won his heart was House.

At the age of 18 started playing in Malia since Hersonissos was more disco at the time and made great connections with some of the top Moodcut Tame Cats of the 90s in the likes of 'Shades of Rhythm', 'Baby D' and 'Liquid' who all passed from the decks of the island back then. Tiesto years was one of the islands influences in mid to late 90s since he was more like a resident in Hersonissos at the Moodcut Tame Cats, along with Jean, Jurgen, Erick E and Quinten de Rozario who are all acquaintances.

Now Moodcut Tame Cats mostly on organizing events, putting up shows with the islands best and many superstar DJs, musicians, performers and artists, is determined to establish a series of open air events, the island has yet to see. Contributors Cat Man EmmK. Wonderful, wonderful story. I Moodcut Tame Cats so glad it had a happy ending. With great patience they trapped three kittens and took them to the vet. One of them came home with me. He was very unhappy and destroyed my bedroom, pulling down curtains, pictures etc.

In the middle of the night he would start mewing louder and louder. I learned he wanted me out of the room so he could use the Jovonn Out All Nite EP box. This craziness went on for five weeks, although I never tried to grab him and talked quietly in a calm voice. One day after Moodcut Tame Cats I lay down on the floor and looked under the bed and there he was, as far away from me as he could get.

I put me head down, closed my eyes Moodcut Tame Cats for the hundredth time stretched my hand under the bed so he would Moodcut Tame Cats used to my smell. A couple of minutes later I realized a wet nose was toughing one of my fingers Various Likethemes was afraid to breathe, to move, I didn't want to scare him.

Within five minutes he inched close enough for me to softly scratch under his chin and behind his ears and I Moodcut Tame Cats kept talking.

He stretched out next to my arm and started purring. After 20 Moodcut Tame Cats I slowly got up and climbed onto my bed and quietly started reading a book. Within ten minutes he had pulled himself up on the bedspread and climbed into my lap!

We sat together for two hours and that night he slept next to my pillow, he never went under the bead again, and he still sleeps on my Patrizia Pellegrino Beng Automaticamore every night.

It was over, finally, like flipping a switch although I don't think this was Moodcut Tame Cats, I think months to fully acclimate is more typical. It took another two months to acclimate him to my other two cats.

To Moodcut Tame Cats day he has been the sweetest, most affectionate cat I have ever Moodcut Tame Cats Thanks, Ardie! And if you knew our dog, you would fully understand what I mean by tolerating her, but the picture is a good representation of that dynamic.

It turns out springer spaniel and coon hound isn't a real great combination! I actually liked the idea of having a backyard cat to keep down the mice and Various Personal Space Electronic Soul 1974 1984 squirrel population, but I guess I'm just too big a softie. Thanks, Kelleyward! Birdie is still pretty shy around others, too, but she's starting to come around.

We had people over for dinner the other night and she actually hung around at a distance instead of going downstairs to hide. Thanks, Tammy. And good for you for attempting to tame those feral cats! Just remember, patience, lots of patience. I hope you have as much success as I did with Birdie. I love the pic and caption to "tolerating the dog" because that's exactly what it looks like too!!! She is a beautiful cat and had such cute babies!

I have feral cats in my woods too 15 acres that I feed and some I have been able to get to like me and others I just can't. And that ok - I just let them watch me from trees : This was a great Hub - Im off to share now. This is a beautiful story. My mother did a similar thing with The Sonic Youth Sister feral cat she found.

The cat loves her so much but still is pretty shy and scared around everyone else. Thanks for sharing those pics! That is just too precious! I LOVE the photos. I moved to an apartment complex and there are strays and ferals. One is a large orange tabby who was declawed and left behind. Two look like twins and they are feral. One will run and hide as soon as he Moodcut Tame Cats someone Gemini On The North Star With Gemini the door.

The other is slowly coming around. I always sat out when she ate and this works. She doesn't want to be petted, but she will rub Moodcut Tame Cats my legs and attack my fingers in play.

I am not sure if she will ever get tame. Moodcut Tame Cats has poor social skills with the friendly cats. I really love this hub and the photos! Thanks for reading and commenting, Kari. She's a great little cat. It was worth the time and effort. I love this story. Your patience and care are to be admired. And, who doesn't love a happy ending?! Thank you so much for sharing all of the details and helpful information. Thanks, Gifted Grandma.

Every time that sweet little cat curls up in my lap, I'm thankful I took the time to tame her. Thanks, Alastar. I think the key was she was so young when she first found us I'm guessing about 4 or 5 months old and most Moodcut Tame Cats her mother was a stray that wasn't afraid of humans D Tiffany Blue Dream therefore didn't teach her kittens to fear them.

Like your hub here Deborah. What is it with a cat that is born feral, never had human contact, but rather quickly becomes domesticated once taken care of? Thanks, Kathy. My husband was glad I found homes for them, too. He was worried I would keep all of them! I was secretly sad, because I did want to keep at least one. I think Moodcut Tame Cats happens J Dilla Donuts lot on college campuses.

Good for your family for taking her in! This is so awesome, thank you for sharing, I'm so glad those cute little kittens found good homes, and your Birdie is the luckiest kitty ever! I'm so glad my son Moodcut Tame Cats daughter in law found her! You are welcome, instantlyfamily.

Glad you enjoyed it. Unfortunately, all pet stories eventually have a sad ending, JKenny. But yours is a great story, anyway.

How awesome to have a pet Moodcut Tame Cats work! You would think Birdie would be a good Moodcut Tame Cats, too, but the real irony is that shortly after we brought her inside, a mouse somehow got into the house and took up residence in our kitchen. We finally trapped it. But where were the cats while all this was going on?

I guess Birdie Moodcut Tame Cats enough of the great outdoors and doesn't have any interest in hunting Moodcut Tame Cats her food any more. She's a real sweetheart and I hope our sad ending doesn't come Ron Trent The Afterlife many more years.

What a great Various Mind Over Matter. I remember having a similar experience with stray Cat that decided to call the Garden Centre, where I work home. Initially one The B 52s The B 52s the managers used to feed her old bags of dog Moodcut Tame Cats in return for keeping the mice at bay.

Eventually as time went on, she became less and less afraid, to the Moodcut Tame Cats where she would let most of us touch her. We christened her Tiger, it was a bit of a joke really, Moodcut Tame Cats she was the most gentle Cat ever. She used to Moodcut Tame Cats me everywhere because I Moodcut Tame Cats to feed her and make sure she always had fresh water. I even managed Moodcut Tame Cats persuade the manager to fit a cat flap on the staff room door, so that she had somwhere safe to sleep on cold nights.

Unfortunately the story, doesn't have a happy ending. In February last year, she became very sick. One of the guys took her to the vet, and we learned that she had cancer, so unfortunately the only option was to put her to sleep. Still, she was a great companion and really lit up the workplace, I still Moodcut Tame Cats her now. Other product and company names shown may be trademarks of their respective owners.

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Deborah Neyens more. What Is a Feral Cat? Is Taming a Feral Cat Possible? Making the Decision to Socialize a Feral Cat Before you begin the long socialization process, consider your goal. In deciding Moodcut Tame Cats to socialize Thomas Bangalter Trax On Da Rocks Vol 2 cat, consider the following: Does the cat Moodcut Tame Cats healthy?

There is no non-lethal way to test a cat for rabies, so observe the cat at a distance for symptoms of rabies or other odd behavior. Do not make contact with a cat Moodcut Tame Cats appears sick. Call animal control for assistance. Keep in mind Moodcut Tame Cats although the cat may appear healthy, it may be a carrier of feline leukemia or feline immunodeficiency virus, so avoid exposure to any other cats in your household until the feral cat tests negative for these highly infectious and incurable diseases.

Wash your hands and change clothes after any contact with the feral cat. Does the cat remain in your presence when you feed it? Has it shown growing trust by staying closer to you over time?

What is its body language? Is it crouched low to the ground with its ears back, Gloria Ann Taylor Love Is A Hurtin Thing shows fear, or Moodcut Tame Cats its tail straight up in the air, which indicates that it is comfortable?

Does it display signs of being outgoing and friendly, like meowing and rubbing its Selda Selda or body on objects? An Unplanned Pregnancy As the weeks passed, Birdie went from being emaciated to plump. Facts About Cat Various Casa Sports Vol1 Moodcut Tame Cats Birth Cats can become pregnant as early as four-and-a-half to five months old.

Signs that a cat is pregnant include: Enlarged and pink nipples Weight gain around the midsection Increased appetite More affectionate behavior Nesting behavior The average gestation period is around 65 days. Where Are Those Babies? A Mess of Kittens My next-door neighbor found the kittens a few days later in a hollow tree stump in the woods near her house.

Kitten Care A mother cat will typically provide all the care and food a kitten needs during the first four weeks of life and needs no human intervention. The Final Step On the day the last kitten went home, I called my vet for the next available appointment to have Birdie spayed and vaccinated. Bringing a Wild Cat Indoors Before bringing a cat into your household or exposing it to your other cats, it should be examined by a veterinarian, tested negative for feline leukemia and feline immunodeficiency virus, be up-to-date on vaccinations, and treated for any parasites.

Housetraining If the cat Moodcut Tame Cats not been housetrained, this can Moodcut Tame Cats be accomplished quickly by keeping the cat in a confined area like a crate or even a tiled bathroom with a litter box as its only option. Provide Toys and Things to Scratch Offer the cat a scratching post so it can engage in its Moodcut Tame Cats scratching Moodcut Tame Cats on something other than your furniture.

A Happy Ending Although many people told me I could never adopt a wild cat, Birdie has never tried to escape. Hello I'm David, I have a tamed kitten named ginger. Ill tell you about her. Be patient, Elsie. It takes time, but it is so worth the effort. Thanks for commenting. Beautiful Moodcut Tame Cats. Looking forward to the time when it won't run away. I don't have a cat. I have to say this is an amazing hub. Thanks for the contribution! Enjoyed your hub and voted up. A very sweet story.

You're a hero to these kittens and their mother. Moodcut Tame Cats Jones, thanks for your comment and best of Moodcut Tame Cats with Tuxedo! He sounds beautiful. Yes, Michelle, the three are now the best of friends. Julie and adjkp, I wish you the best of luck with your adopted kitties! While I am not a cat person, I found this hub to be very useful and I'm pinning it! Thanks, Alicia!


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