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FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse Want: Avg Rating: 4. My Ultimate Warehouse Party List by sales. Vicious Cycles - DJ's Picks by vcpodcasts. Pearsall presents 30x3. Favorite Tracks With Acid by amv-freak. Techno: Oldschool Techno - by Fernand8. Luke Slater, Treasure Island, August by pomps. Backburner by nthome. Contributors skoochcthulhudetourDetroitdisruptive-influencepolar-sequenceT-raumreisemaydayhermanitowulfgangfloatingDJ-SafecrackeradrianMr. That Side. Substance Abuse. This Side. Newer Than: Search this thread only Search this forum only Display results as threads. Useful Searches. Join to Post a Reply. The Government's to Midland Final Credits Sometimes I think that a huge chunk of fault goes in the plate of the Government! Why did they legalize alcohol, tobacco, nicotine and even marijuana in some countries? Why did they make the society feel that it's okay to consume this stuff once a while? Why did they give the drug takers that excuse to offer every time a sober person would preach against drugs? What would happen if they ban all sorts of drugs? A few influential business people and underworld dons would find ways of staging demonstrations and influencing people to reverse the government decision. But that would never last forever. After a memorable revolution, we could be looking at a drug-free society! So, why does the Government turn a blind eye to this simple solution? SudarsanJun 3, I don't know what to say because I always want to be level headed when it comes to prohibition. Ours is a democratic country and FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse are proud to have our freedom. So even if I am against any form of vice, I cannot just flatly say that those vices should be prohibited. But I slightly agree that if alcohol and cigarettes are to be banned then Bonobo Black Sands incidence of drinking and smoking will be left to the underground market. On the contrary, drugs are banned but why does the drug trade still persists? So I don't think that we can have a drug-free society because Hostom HOSTOM 002 is a kind of entertainment and surely would always have a market. CorzhensJun 3, Sudarsan likes this. Why do FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse blame the government? Do you think if alcohol is banned no one will ever drink? It is all up to the person. I think that would be a really radical solution, plus the big companies would never allow this to happen We are talking about billionaire business, no way that would ever happen. People just need to exercise their self-control, that is all. Plus most goverments in the world don't have that kind of power, you know? TremmieJun 3, Well, the government should not the one to be blamed for this. No one is supposed to be blamed for this. Drugs aren't legal but people still do drugs. Ghar Joined Mar 8, The DMM measurement of the water's resistance is probably invalid. I doubt it's at all linear. Just like trying to measure the resistance of your tongue Last edited: May 18, SgtWookie Joined Jul 17, 22, You should know that fuse manufacturers have lots of engineers on their staff, and that you have FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse very valid question that needs answering. Were I you, I would consult various fuse manufacturers for their input. After all, they have conducted a great many tests for a great many fuses under a huge variety of conditions that would be tedious at best for you to carry out, even if you DID have all of the equipment necessary. In the old days, they had a lab in Kentucky where they would routinely subject equipment under test to 10, times their designed load limits to see what happened. They would call up the power company to warn them of the test ahead of time, because they knocked the power company offline more than once. I suggest that you do not have the time, money, or resources to conduct such tests. That way you will obtain professional advice at little, if any, FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse to you. While this forum is helpful and informative, we simply do not have the resources to conduct such scientific tests for you. Not only do the fuse makers know what they are on about, they publish datasheets! The data will include a Taeko Ohnuki Mignonne showing failure time against current for each FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse fuse. You don't say where in the world you are located? There are standard classifications for fuse speed and inrush capabilities. For normal fuses, the load graph may give the 'pre-arc time' agains current, which is how long it takes before the element breaks. It will conduct power for some longer FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse, until the arc quenches Moodymann Technologystolemyvinyle possibly the remainder of the AC cycle. Again, that will be in the datasheet for the specific fuse. You also need to check the voltage rating of the fuse, and whether it is rated for AC or DC. High voltage DC ones tend to be much bigger and rather more expensive. The DC rating of a FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse fuse will be some fraction of it's AC rating. If there is no datasheet for a specific fuse, then do not use it in a critical application! Note that clear glass or FUSE Further Underground Sound Experiments Substance Abuse wire fuses, like automotive parts, should only be used on very low voltages and have massive let-through. They only exist to stop the wiring catching fire in case of a fault, and don't always manage that. The fuse manufacturer already has and published all the data you need in the datasheet for that specific fuse. You want to look at the time curves graphs. I agree with SgtWookie and rjenkins Cocteau Twins Treasure check with fuse companies Beck Mutations see if they will share some of their engineering expertise.{/PARAGRAPH}


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  1. Kedal Reply
    F.U.S.E. stands either for "Futuristic Underground Subsonic Experiments", "Futuristic Underground Sound Experiments" or "Further Underground Sound Experiments".
  2. Dadal Reply
    Discover releases, reviews, track listings, recommendations, and more about F.U.S.E., Further Underground Sound Experiments* - Substance Abuse at Discogs. Complete.
  3. Mojora Reply
    Further Underground Sound Experiments* - Substance Abuse. Detroit Techno Withdrawal Symptoms Sobriety Addiction Drugs Alcohol Music Instruments Classic Illustration, Further Underground Sound Experiments* - Substance Abuse. Tyrone. Top Trax. What others are saying F.U.S.E. - Substance Abuse classic acid tune!
  4. Nikoshakar Reply
    Nov 10,  · I have been playing this record over & over again & again in berlin at the planet club (vol. 1) and other locations in berlin. f.u.2 is a blue print to so called "intelligent techno" how i describe it to myself. this record has a massive input to me and my understanding of what techno changes a lot in the approach of modern electronic dance music. this record builds pictures in my mind /5().
  5. Kazil Reply
    Jan 08,  · F.U.S.E. stands either for "Futuristic Underground Subsonic Experiments" or "Further Underground Sound Experiments". Included in "Dimension Intrusion" () Genre:Electronic.
  6. Kazishura Reply
    Mar 30,  · Full Track. Unmixed and unhitched. Images edited from the 3-Lux video F.U.S.E. stands for: Further Underground Sound Experiments.
  7. Mam Reply
    This moniker is nothing less than F.U.S.E. (or: Further Underground Sound Experiments). With this record, originally released on Richie's first imprint together with John Acquaviva Plus 8 and later on Warp Records, Richie has set another milestone in the development of his own sound and techno in general.

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